Tia was great! I felt totally comfortable talking with her. She impressed me with her calm nature, her gifts and knowledge of how to put my craziness into questions. 🙂 Her passion for Tarot, definately shines thru her readings and she has a great way of expressing her knowledge and gifts. Very professional and genuine. THANK YOU TIA, for sharing your gift and passion. Til we meet again.


She is a great reader. Her reading are up to the point. She gives insight of the current situation. She also provides advice and guidance in her reading that is wonderful. She is an amazing tarot reader so everyone should get readings done from her. She is highly recommended tarot reader. God bless her and her tarot reading skills.

Tia is sooo patient on telling me the whole situations, which I had never thought of before. She answer my questions and give a helpful advice. And I want to do a full reading with her next time. I couldnt thank her enough. Thank you so much!!

Fabulous read! Tia really took her time not just to give me an answer of which card had come up but also insights if different things I hadn’t even thought about consciously. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading for me with so much heart and openness!

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