Recommended resources

Recommended resources for learning to read the tarot
Tarot Decks
  • The Rider Tarot Deck: A universally used deck used in most major tarot publications, courses, and guides. Lots of imagery and solid colors makes this a very easy deck to learn with and continue growing.
  • Morgan Greer Tarot Deck English: Similar to The Rider Tarot deck except with softer images, smaller cards, and some minor imagery changes.
  • The Robin Wood Tarot: Based on The Rider Tarot deck, but heavily influenced with pagan symbolism.
Courses A guided course that takes you from getting your deck to reading a large spread. You’ll learn how to ask a question, how to store your cards, and how to develop an understanding for each card.

Dusty White’s Courses: These are not free, but well worth the money — especially if you are a beginner. Dusty offers free resources all over the web, so even if you can’t pay for his course, you can learn something new. This course is almost a year long with video and audio lessons, plus a robust community (read: study buddies). Highly recommended.


I can’t speak enough about the below books. I’ve read all of them, and some, more than once. They each bring depth to the cards and a deep understanding of how to do readings and how to fully reflect on what you can learn. Each book is solid.

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