Hi, there!

I’m Tia 🙂

Who am I?

I’m a Pisces and an INFJ — so, dreamy and quiet to say the least. As a black American, my ancestry has roots in folklore, hoodoo, and the spirituality of many of my African brothers and sisters. Although I have yet to fully study those paths, I’m aware of the significance they’ve had on my being.

I came to the tarot after years of studying the basics of astrology and the elements. I was raised in a Christian family, and my faith is still important to me. I follow the beat of my own drum and have studied the paths of Buddhism and Wicca.

I have faced many challenges of my own in life, have had difficult relationships, and have struggled with my own self-issues. Among other things, tarot has helped me reflect on the past, and provide a meditative path for my future. I’m passionate about being the interpreter to you so the cards can give you the guidance you seek.

My role is to empower you — to let the cards help you see the path that may be hidden away in your subconscious. You already know the answer, the tarot can help you look deeper at a situation or confirm your thoughts. It is a short journey through your situation. The cards serve as your travel guide, with you as the traveler.  I simply serve as a conduit and interpreter.

I am a reader for the American Tarot Association and a member of a few other tarot groups.